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    Weekly Group Class Schedule:

    Group class schedule can be found on the following link by selecting "Teachers" and then me:






    Private/Corporate sessions:

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    Price for private session:

    1 hour -- 80€

    1 hour 30 minutes -- 100€


    Want to yoga once or twice per week? Buy a 10 class pass for full priced sessions and receive 20% discount.

    If finances are a hardship please let me know - there is flexibility and creativity in every price.



    Yoga Fairytale:

    Once upon a time there was a girl with a crooked back. The girl hated her crooked back. She felt pain when she walked, she felt tired when she shouldn't and sometimes she felt angry for no reason. 'Good morning, stupid crooked back," the girl would say with a sigh and a scowl.


    The girl was cranky.


    One day the girl began to practice yoga, and that's when this story began to change.



    Once upon a time there was a girl with a crooked back. The girl loved her crooked back. The girl felt balance when she walked, she felt awake in her life and sometimes she felt angry, but only when there was a good reason.

    Her muscles were strong, her body was flexible, her mind was clear and her pain was gone.

    "Good morning, crooked back," the girl would say with a smile.


    The girl was happy.


    Yoga Benefits:

    Yoga has changed me, and because of this fact I fully believe that yoga will change you.


    Because of my yoga practice my mind and my body are more fully mine and more accurately reflect who I am in my day to day life.


    I practice yoga because I enjoy and feel my life more fully when it is part of my normal routine.


    I walk with my head held higher, I see more clearly, I feel strength, calm, and balance in my body and mind, and because of these things I can give and receive love more fully.


    Yoga inspires a syncopation in my daily life that I otherwise find difficult to embody.


    I believe that we exist in this short, beautiful life as a mind and as a body. I practice yoga because it brings kindness, balance, strength and flexibility to these parts of myself, causing me to live, think, move and love more freely.


    I would love to help you discover your own yoga practice, and to help you discover the benefits for yourself.


    Yoga yourself happy.


    -Charis Brice





    With regular practice yoga can tone and strengthen muscle, alleviate back pain, increase flexibility, diminish anxiety and stress, and can bring balance and control to your thoughts and emotions.


    Yoga has been practiced for 5000 years, and not because of the ancient quest for a yoga butt. Yoga improves your balance and management of your body in space - with better alignment your joints and spine will be less stressed over time. Yoga will increase your range of motion, thereby keeping your joints supple and young. Anti-aging, improved digestion, revitalizing the reproductive organs and replenishing blood supply and function of the vital organs are other benefits. Yoga teaches you to stay attuned to your body and breath, giving you increased control over stress (blood pressure/heart rate/random thoughts).



    About Charis:

    Charis has dabbled in yoga for many years: a twist here, a downward dog there.


    Her dabble became a practice (she made the relationship official on Facebook, if you will) in 2012. Yoga has helped Charis continue her love of running despite having inherited a pair of bad knees (2015 included her first marathon), and has helped her maintain an almost completely pain free daily life despite having inherited a very curvy spine (scoliosis).


    She loves yoga because it accepts that we each inherit and exist as a body with a unique shape and set of struggles and strengths. Charis believes yoga can bring happiness to your daily life by changing you from the inside out. She is also a firm believer that if something is not bringing you happiness, you probably shouldn't be doing it.


    Charis received her 200 Registered Yoga Training in Portugal in 2015 and is accredited by the US Yoga Alliance.


    When Charis is not practicing yoga she can be found photographing, running, fly-fishing, dancing in her kitchen or kissing the face of her sweet man in Brussels, Belgium.

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